The Golden Dawn are an American psychedelic rock band formed in Austin, Texas, in 1966, that broke up and then reformed in the early 2000s.

The band released one album, entitled Power Plant, before breaking up soon after the album's release in 1968. Their sound is similar to their well-known Austin contemporaries, The 13th Floor Elevators, and both bands were on the International Artists label. In 2002, Eric Arn from the psyche rock music group, Primordial Undermind, asked George Kinney to reunite the other members of the band and play the Texas Psych Fest. Kinney formed a new Golden Dawn and recorded the band's second album, titled Texas Medicine, which came out in 2006. The Golden Dawn play around Austin and Houston, and Kinney intends to record a third Golden Dawn album.

George Kinney has also been active in solo projects. He released a CD, After The Fall, under his own name, in 2001.

The Golden Dawn - Power Plant (1968)
International Artists

1. Evolution
2. This Way Please
3. Starvation
4. I'll Be Around
5. Seeing Is Believing
6. My Time
7. A Nice Surprise
8. Every Day
9. Tell Me Why
10. Reaching Out to You

George Kinney - After the Fall (2000)

1. Other Side of Town
2. Dust On the Trail
3. Bonnie Blue
4. Blue's Just a Color
5. After the Fall
6. I Might Not Have Met You
7. Rainman's Daughter
8. Full Moon Again
9. Writing On the Wall
10. Sixth Street Blues
11. Bulebonnet Road
12. Running Low On Love
13. Take Her to Your Heart
14. How Could I Ever Say Goodbye

Band Members
Scrappy Judd Newcomb, Guitar
Toni Price, Harmony vocals
Matt Eskey, Bass
Mike Buck, Drums
Dana Miser, Drums
Pete Gordon, Piano
Champ Hood, Fiddle
Jerry Lightfoot, Guitar
Gurf Morlix, Slide Guitar, background vocals
George Kinney, Lead vocals

George Kinney & The New Riders of the Golden Dawn - 
Texas Medicine (2006)
Freedom RU????

Recorded between January 2004 and January 2005
at Lakeside Studio, Jonestown, TX

1. Step Down Satan
2. Think of Tonight
3. The Wolf
4. Smilin' Eyes
5. Tell It to the Landlord
6. Ballad of Jim Bob
7. Wild Streak
8. Broken Down
9. Sun and Rain
10. Trouble in Paradise
11. White Knuckle Drivin'
12. Love Tones
13. On the Run Too Long
14. California Wine (Bonus Cut)

Band Members
Charlie Pritchard, Guitar
Terry Brown, Steel guitar and bass
Curtis Frie, Bass
Carl Rawls, Drums
Frank "Curly" Rodineur, Drums
Billy Hallmark, Bass
Abe Kinney, Wooden African Thing on "Trouble in Paradise"
Dude Edward, Slide guitar on "Wildstreak," guitar and bass on others
George Kinney, Lead vocals