If passing time is an illusion, what else might be? I am beginning to believe that several key components of our identity are constructed primarily by illusion. Perhaps the most essential is our sense of separateness. When our consciousness collapses a choice from the level of infinite potentiality that causes an event to actualize, it creates the brain first as the subject and everything else as object, hence the subject/object split that characterizes the fundamental nature of our awareness.
This is the way it is. As such, we perceive our world as a subject, observing and participating with our environment that is objective or separate from us. But this separateness is an illusion, in that what we are perceiving as a subject/object split is essentially a unity that has been separated by our consciousness, sliced off from the unity of everythingness in the vastness of all potential and made actual by our choice to collapse it from all other potentialities, according to the probability equation formed by predictable mechanical realities, primarily conditioning.

The ego that identifies with this being that is separate from everything else, especially other people, is based upon this conditioning.

There is a more comprehensive ego, however, wiht which we can identify that allows us to be aware or ourselves as connected with all other beings and even other objects. LSD was useful making this level of awareness available to some of us, though the ingestion of such a powerful drug requires situational specifications that enhance the safety of the ingestee.

The awareness of the ego of which I speak has been refereed to a the quantum self, and when one identifies with this more comprehensive element of self identity, one can become aware of oneself as connectd, not separate from ones total environment, both other living beings, and objects...that it, with everything.

Understanding this, it gives great credence to the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Naturally that would be correct and beneficial behavior if we are all essentially one being.

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